4th Steering Committee Meeting of the TRIBUTE Project held in Novi Sad

On 28 July 2022, 4 th Steering Committee Meeting of the TRIBUTE Project was held in Novi Sad. This was the first in-person meeting of the consortium after COVID-19 travel restrictions were lifted. Partners, associated partners and stakeholders from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia were...

Results of the implementation of the Living Labs were discussed at the meeting as well as pilot actions in the partner cities:

Ljubljana, Novi Sad, and Sarajevo are taking part in the sub-group on Innovative actions for public transport. From the plans of these partner cities, an idea was born that incentives for the Public transport and decarbonization of traffic, as well as, promotion of innovative and specific PT services, were primary general elements. In addition, specially designed measures may be taken to overcome challenges faced by increasingly elderly population and the need for new mobility services (e.g. sharing, door to door, non-stop, etc.), including the revised PT information system and e-bicycles more accessible to the elderly.

Maribor, Zagreb, and Patras are taking part in the Green Cycling Routes network and are focusing on accessibility and improved use of bicycles along high-traffic routes. Specific measures include creating green areas along the long pedestrian and bicycles routes, green areas integrated with the public transport, as well as other green public transport solutions.

Podgorica and Milan are taking part in the sub-group for Management of High-Traffic Corridors and are developing open-source tools for managing traffic that will potentially be extended to include other cities as well. Coordination between the mobility participants (e.g. public transportation agencies, vehicle rentals, police…) is key to managing traffic, in particular exchange of information on traffic regulation, event organization, time for application of coordinated and synergy mobility policies.

In addition to discussing the progress of individual pilot projects, other project activities were also discussed and special attention was paid to defining transnational strategy for sustainable mobility in Adriatic-Ionian cities that are part of the TRIBUTE project and to establishing Transnational Network of Stakeholders.

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