City Council

The City Council is represented by the Mayor of the City of Novi Sad or the Deputy Mayог, or a member of the City Council authorised by him.

The City Council acts and decides collectively, and about the issues within its competencies the City Council decides at its meetings attended by a majority of the total Council membership.

The City Council decides on the policies its members are in charge of.

In order to achieve more efficient enforcement of the laws and other regulations, as well as performance of other activities within its scope of competencies, the City Council may establish working bodies.

The proposal to be discussed at a meeting of the City Council may be submitted by any member of the City Council, a working body of the City Council and City Administration, and a specific organisation or service established in compliance with the Decision on the secretariats of the City of Novi Sad.

The Mayor convenes the meetings on his own initiative, upon the proposal by a working body or upon the proposal of at least five members of the City Council.

The Mayor suggests the agenda and presides over the Council meetings.

The City Council adopts the agenda, discusses the agenda items and decides according to their established order.

The City Council makes decisions with the consent of an absolute majority of all members at the meeting, unless otherwise provided by law or other legal act.

The authorities of the City Council include:

  1. Proposing the Statute, the Budget and other decisions and legal acts to be adopted by the City Assembly;
  2. Making decisions on temporary financing in case the City Assembly does not adopt the Budget prior to the start of the fiscal year;
  3. Supervising the work of the City Assembly, annulling or abolishing the legal acts adopted by the City Administration which are not in compliance with the law, with the Statute or with other statutory instruments or the decision by the City Assembly;
  4. Deciding in the general administrative procedure, in the second instance, on the rights and obligations of the citizens, companies and institutions and other organisations within the scope of competencies of the City of Novi Sad;
  5. Taking care that the entrusted competences within the rights and obligations of the Republic are executed;
  6. Appointing and dismissing the head of the City Administration and the heads of the secretariats;
  7. Directly implementing and supervising the implementation of the decisions and other legal acts by the Municipal Assembly.