Joint Public Transport Information System as a Unified Model

Under the IPA Cross-Border Program Serbia - Hungary, the funds were approved for the project “Joint Public Transport Information System as a Unified Model“to the City of Novi Sad. The project has been implemented by the Novi Sad Public Transportation Company in cooperation with the University of Szeged. The project objective is to synchronize the information about public transport and to provide travelers with information about the traffic infrastructure, public transport schedule, the possibility to plan travels, real-time monitoring and a number of operative possibilities for travelers, namely tourists, workers and people who use public transport to travel between different communities. The goal is to decrease the number of cars in traffic, by encouraging and promoting public transport services, which would decrease motor vehicle emissions and the number of vehicles on the roads and thus improve the overall traffic safety. The second objective is to attract a large number of tourists by providing useful and practical information in the region, through software applications developed in the framework of the project. Total project value is 278,332.00 EUR, out of which the value of the EU grant is 120.118,60 EUR. Project duration is 16 months and its implementation began on 1st October 2013.