Arpad Zavarko, a lawyer from Novi Sad, who has been dealing with economic issues for 18 years, was elected Honorary Consul. He said that he hoped that his many years of experience and network of contacts would be an advantage in fulfilling his new tasks, which, like other honorary consuls, would be promoting Serbian-Hungarian economic relations: "In Hungary, competitions are constantly announced, and they are they are finishing, and they are focusing on investing in Vojvodina, infrastructure, money, among other things, and both countries actually benefit from that. From the diplomatic relationship itself, people will benefit enormously. "

Honorary consuls have an important role in improving Serbian-Hungarian economic relations - said Attila Pinter, the Hungarian Ambassador in Belgrade, at the opening. He added that their wish is to cover the whole of Serbia with honorary consulates, because the experiences so far are positive.

Attila Pinter, Ambassador of Hungary in Belgrade: "The Embassy and Consulate General in Subotica cannot be present everywhere, although we obviously strive for that, but at the same time by appointing honorary consuls, in different parts of the country, in different cities, working in different regions of the country, the present gap, which the embassy or consulate cannot fill, we can overcome more easily with the help of these colleagues and friends. “

Source: Embassy of Hungary in Belgrade